You need something to look at here. So here's a short familly drama from German synth act Wolfsheim

That looks kind of sad, but the restaurant might be fine. Maybe I should  try it? On the other hand it might be as well as it ended german familllies seem drama prone ...

So maybe all the german famillies need to seek sanctuary? Luckily there seems to some who know where to look.

After spending some time at the sanctuary, one might venture out again to find that ever elusive thing, maybe seeking guidance for that too ...

And eventually, hopefully, after many hours studying at the temple you are successful. Only to wake up one day and discover that there is something fishy going on.

And just imagine the feelings related to such an relationship, if one isn't 100% into thinking it is quite OK with love taking it various weird ways

That is when you just decide that enough is enough.

And that is quite OK to be honest, one should always seek some kind of closure, not dwelling on real or percieved injustices - that is not healthy

But then you need to take care not to disturb the delicate balance once you have made peace with your enemies. Else it might all end badly

and it will all mean doom, gloom and the end of days. Or something the like

And after the end of all things? Will there be new things? One can only hope that all the things will be back in newly constructed, improved form out of the matter of the universe

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